Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM)

Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM)

Child Inclusive Mediation assists parents in understanding how children are experiencing family conflict and change. The process involves two professionals, a child consultant and a mediator. The child consultant interviews the parents and children to learn about the family and to hear about the children’s perspectives. Information is gathered about how the children feel about the separation/divorce and conflict in order to gain an understanding of each child’s needs within the context of the family. The child consultant then joins a mediation session with parents, attorneys, and a mediator to present information and share impressions of the family dynamics. This process provides parents with important information about a child’s wants and needs without having a child confront parents directly or have to participate in actual negotiations. Hearing a child’s preferences from a specifically trained neutral consultant can help parents gain new perspective and re-focus on the children’s individual needs.

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