Parenting Consulting

Parenting Consulting

A Parenting Consultant, or PC, is a neutral, court-appointed professional who is granted the authority to assist parents in resolving disputes involving their children. A PC can only be appointed by the court if both parents agree to use the PC process. The scope of the PC’s authority is determined by the court appointment but often includes the ability to interpret, clarify, and oversee compliance with existing Court Orders and to address other child-related issues that were not previously anticipated or result from a change in circumstance. Typical issues addressed in the PC process include: parenting time schedule, holiday schedule, vacation requests, extra-curricular activities, daycare/school placement, discipline, religious education, participation in therapy, and more.  The PC can also work with parents to improve their communication and co-parenting skills.

Once parents have asked a PC to help resolve a dispute, the PC first works with both parents in an attempt to help them reach an agreement. If parents are unable to reach agreement, the PC has the authority to make binding decisions.

Dr. Hart requests that parties use the following sample order and modify it to meet their specific needs.

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